Monday, July 27, 2009

Freebies for Today

McDonald’s is offering one free 7-ounce iced mocha or 8-ounce hot mocha every Monday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. until August 3. No coupon needed, but the offer is at "participating locations" only.

NYLON magazine and iTUNES are offering 22 MP3 songs by groups featured in their magazine for download in honor of NYLON magazine’s annual June/July music issue.

Free business cards designs, from corporate business to animal business to nature business to kids’ business card designs.

Apple computer stores are offering a free camp for kids ages 8-12 who are interested in computers and software. Starting July 13, Apple stores around America are offering a series of FOUR different three-hour workshops during which kids will be introduced to MACS and Apple software and learn how to make a movie, create a slide show, write and record a sing or craft a presentation. It’s free, but space is limited and each child is limited to two workshops this summer.

The National Park Service will offer free weekends this summer to encourage cash-strapped families to visit national parks -- and to help boost local economies. All 147 National Park Service sites that charge entry fees will waive them on August 15 and 16. The fees at these parks normally cost from $3 to $25

Pfizer, the world's biggest research-based drug maker is offering 70 different drugs -- including big sellers such as Lipitor and Viagra -- for free for up to one year for those Americans who have lost their jobs and health insurance. The program applies to anyone regardless of prior family income who has lost their job since January 1 and has been prescribed one of the company’s drugs for at least three months. You can enroll until 12/31/09 by calling 866.706.2400 to sign up. You can also apply online

SONY is making nearly 100 of its films available on the company's online movie and TV video Web site, including "Spiderman-3" and other titles such as "A Few Good Men."

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