Saturday, July 26, 2008

Steve and Barry's

We have a new Steve & Barry's and everything in the store is $8.98! They carry "Bitten" by Sarah Jessica Parker and "dear" by Amanda Bynes. I took my daughter shopping for school clothes. For $105.00 she got 2 pair of shoes, 5 pair of jeans, and 4 shirts. If you have teenagers, you understand what a good deal this is. It isn't very often that you can get them to even consider anything that doesn't say Hollister.


Amiyrah said...

we love steve and barry's in my house! the bad thing is that they recently went bankrupted so we may be losing them soon.

MyShelly said...

I read that but, ours just opened so...maybe it will stay for a while.

Austin said...

I work for a company that manages and tracks gift cards, and I've been following retailers filing for bankruptcy on My advice? Go spend your gift cards, you may not know how long they will be accepting them. Don't forget The Sharper Image incident: $25m in unused gift cards.