Saturday, March 7, 2009

Don't Forget

Don't forget to move your clock ahead before going to bed tonight.

I hope everyone had just as beautiful day as we had here. It was my first opportunity to put the roof down on my new car and have some fun in it. My choice of vehicles probably isn't what you would consider a frugal buy since it is ALL sports car, big motor, not great gas mileage, and high insurance.

There are several things that helped me make the choice I did. I have driven a van since my youngest child born because it is the only thing all 6 of us could ride in comfortably. She is 13!! I got an incredably good price on it and paid cash for it so, I still have no car payments. My insurance goes down next month because of our good driving records and longevity with our insurance company. The amount it goes down will make my insurance exactly the same as before I added the new car. Lastly, I wanted it and I deserve it : )

This was my trip to Walgreens this week. 3 Perfect 10 Hair Color: $3.59 and I used $5.00 off coupons...a $4.23 overage. Auto Expressions Refill: Free with the coupon inside the Auto Expressions Free After Rebate a couple of months ago. 6 Revlon Nail Files: Free after $1.00 mq and EasySaver coupon. 4 Glade Sense & Spray (1 missing from photo) $9.99. I used 2 BOGO coupons, 2 $4.00 off coupons, and $4.00 off EasySaver coupon...a $4.02 overage on 4. The 8 free boxes of Ritz Crackers didn't make it into the picture for some reason.

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