Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Favorite Things

Most of my favorite things have come via trying free samples. I hate buying something only to find out after I get it home, it is not what I expected, I do not like it, or it was just a total waste of money. I am a creature of habit when it comes to purchases.

My laundry detergent may not be the best, or even the best for me. It is dependable and I already know it therefor, I buy it. A free sample gives me the opportunity to try something new before deciding if I should spend my hard earned money on it.

Some of the samples, coupons, or free after rebate items that I have switched to after trying are:
Cover Girl Lipstick-

Free after rebate from Walgreens is now my lipstick of choice. It makes my lips soft, comes in just the right colors, and is long lasting.

Caribou Coffees-

I would have never bought these without the .75/1 coupon that was tripled at Harris Teeter. They are now my favorite morning snack and I will continue to buy them (hopefully with a coupon)

Pantene Pro-V Shampoo-

I was sent a HUGE bottle of Pantene Pro-V Shampoo from to try for six weeks and then give my opinion in a survey. Loved it! My hair felt soft, healthy, and had a new shine to it.

Happy Perfume by Clinique-

A favorite of mine for many years but, got renewed after receiving their Valentine's day sample. I am a "Happy" girl again.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser-

A must have at my house! A dirty handprint on the wall vanishes with one wipe. I stock up with buy one get one free sales and coupons.

Tide with Febreeze-

Just smell the freshness!

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