Thursday, April 17, 2008


Let me start by saying, I have always experienced great customer service at Walgreens...except for last week.

I had an hour to spare before my doctors appointment and a new Walgreens recently opened next door to the doctors office so, I decided to go in and take advantage of my $5 off (1 day) coupon.

I was the ONLY customer in the store when I went to the register. While scanning my coupons the cash register froze and the cashier spent about 10 minutes trying to figure out what was wrong with it before calling for somebody to help him. The assistant manager decided they needed to call about getting the cash register repaired while I stood there waiting. I am still the only customer in the store and four employees are discussing what to do about this register. I spend another 10 minutes waiting for them to decide to just open the other register.

We took my bags to the other register and started over. When I handed the cashier my $5 coupon he said that was what made that register lock up so I couldn't use it. What?! All four employees are still standing there and decided that would be a good time to discuss my coupon usage and why did I want more $ off if I was already using a MQ for the product.

After standing at the register for 35 minutes I told them to forget it, keep the stuff because it was not worth all of that. I got the customer service number and called them as I was leaving.

Yesterday I had a message on my voice mail asking me to contact them to try and resolve the problem I had. Well, I finally got in touch with the manager this morning and I am sure she read straight from a paper what she was supposed to say to me and then offered me a gift card to make up for my coupon I was unable to use.

I will go pick up my gift card but, I will never shop that Walgreens again. I feel the need to go to my tried and true regular Walgreens where they have been nothing but friendly.

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MoneyCommonSense said...

That really sucks! I really hate shopping new to me stores because you don't know how your experience will be. But I really hate shopping new to everyone stores because usually employees are not trained well enough or they just plain haven't experienced enough to deal with situations like the one you had.