Saturday, October 11, 2008

Is this for real?

The funniest thing ever happened today! I took all the kids to the fair and before we left to go home, I made them go with me to watch a hypnotist show. We were all joking around and I told my son that I was going to volunteer him to be hypnotized. The man starts telling us about the show and walks over right in front of my son and grabs MY hand.

What?! No way! Not me on a stage! I can't be hypnotized! I went on stage and after getting about five more people, he picked my son. I had to stay then. I figured I would just get off when he couldn't get it to work on me.

I am sure you figured it out by now. I can be hypnotized. I did make a fool out of myself. We have watched the video four times since we got home and I am embarassed watching it. How could I be on stage in front of all those people and do the things I did without embarassment?!

I am not sure if anybody I work with was in the audience (I saw a hundred people I work with at the fair) but, if they were...I will never live this one down! It was a memorable time my son and I shared and will remember forever!

If you ever get the opportunity to see a show by Terrance B, do it. You will laugh so hard

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