Sunday, June 15, 2008

What a good (shopping) weekend!

Friday I took my youngest daughter to the bank to open her own account (she already has one I opened when she was a baby). She has been babysitting and had a box she kept her money in. With box in tow, she opened her very own account with the $250.00 stashed in it. She is excited about getting her very own debit card.

We went to Dick's Sporting Goods to get part of a Father's Day present. I used a $20 off $20 coupon I received in the mail and got this 2 chairs and a headlamp (for night fishing) for $7.22.

We also went to JC Penney and used my $20 off $20 purchase. She got 2 pair of shorts and 2 shirts for $4.99 plus tax since they were having a buy one/get 1 for $1 sale.

At Kohl's I got a gazebo for the lake. They have all their garden stuff marked down 70%-80%!


Free Sample of Post-It Flag

Free Tool lasso w/ beltclip

Free Cosmetic Bag and coupon for a Neutrogena Wave


listplanit said...

I would love to know how you got the $20 off $20 purchase coupons. That is amazing!


MyShelly said...

The Coupon for Dick's came in their May 'Score Card' mailer. The JCPenney coupon also came in the mail a few weeks ago and I waited until they had a sale on what I needed. I believe there was also one for $10 off a $50 purchase at the same time.
I sign up for the mailing list at stores I shop regularly to be sure to get the coupons.
Right now you can fill out a form at Kohl's checkout updating your e-mail and they will e-mail you a $5off coupon.