Wednesday, August 20, 2008

DVD box set

Free DVD Box set of HBO's series Addiction (use code: DVDE)
(This is for drug treatment centers. They also send to teachers who teach health/ drug awareness classes) I watched this on HBO and it is a wonderful series for any drug/alcohol awareness program.


Amiyrah said...


for the addiction series, it says that the DVDs are only for alcohol or substance abuse treatment centers, not regular persons. Just wanted to point that out to ya.

p.s.- thanks for the award! I haven't had time to post about it on my blog(been posting scheduled posts for the past week or so) but once I get some time to devote to the blog, i'll post it and my list. Thanks again!

MyShelly said...

Thanks, I changed it to reflect that. We ordered it for our after school program for when we are doing "drug awareness". I explained our use for it and they sent it right out.

(just keep my recipes coming, my family is starting to think I know how to cook lol)

Jessica said...

Thanks for this post! I requested it - I am hoping they will send it to us. My husband is a youth minister and this would be great for counseling purposes.