Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My 'Not So Frugal' Hobbies

As I try to cut back on my family spending there some things I will not cut out. My hobbies are important to me (and to my family).

My first hobby is motorcycling and there is nothing frugal about it. We own 2 Harley Davidsons, one is my husbands and the other is mine. There is always something we are wanting to get for them (think chrome) and the extra insurance is nothing to sneeze at. Granted, gas milage is wonderful but, we ride for fun not as our primary transportation.

My second hobby is Scuba Diving. I don't think we could have found a more expensive activity. It is continous learning and each specialty class is rather costly but, it probably wouldn't hurt the pocketbook so bad if there weren't 5 of us diving. All of our expenses are x5.
Any place we want to dive other than a quary is at least a 4hr drive. The Outer Banks (NC) has some of the best wreck diving in the world and plenty of sand sharks however, I like fish that look like Nemo or Dory. We enjoy this as a family and is worth every penny spent! If you have ever considered scuba it. There is no explaining the experience. Check out PADI for any information you need on it.

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Amiyrah said...

if you added golf to that list, you'd really be the family with the most expensive hobbies lol. But, you gotta do what you love or else you'll go a bit frugal-crazy.