Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I just want to take a minute to say, just about every company that provides a product to customers offers a satisfaction guarantee. Obiviously, if you receive a defective product you should contact the manufacturer. On the other hand, if you call or write a company about a product that is not defective you should make sure they know that it is just a personal dislike of the product not a defective product.

When a call comes in to my company we have to trace it back to the precise minute (ok, we can only do it in 5 minute incriments) it was made and who was working. It is very easy to do because every product has a code on it somewhere that represents the year, month, day, hour, minute, and actual machine it was manufactured on. That employee is then repremanded.

I just ask that you consider your reasons before requesting a refund or replacement because it can have a huge impact on somebody else. Once again, if you receive a defective product, by all means, take the company up on thier guarantee.

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