Saturday, November 1, 2008

Family Time

It isn't often that I only have one child at home on a weekend so, we are going to make the most of one on one time. Thank goodness my 15yr old son still likes spending time with mom.

We decided last night that we would spend the day enjoying all the beautiful trees. Yep, trees, with a picnic basket in tow. The fall colors are amazing around here. Our trip is going to include all of the following (and anything else we want to stop and do along the way)

Mabry Mill -Restored gristmill/sawmill/woodworking shop and blacksmith shop. Old time skills (basket weaving, seat caneing, spinning, and weaving) demonstrated. Applebutter making in October - Oldtime bluegrass music.

Lover’s Leap - In the 1600's, the Indians inhabited the Blue Ridge Mountains. White settlers started arriving and began clearing land to farm. Conflict arose between the Indians and the settlers. Legend has it that the son of a settler saw the twinkle in the eyes of the Chief's daughter, Morning Flower, and was immediately love-struck. The couple began to meet secretly and their love continued to grow. The young man and Indian maiden were threatened and shunned. With the beautiful rock and wildflowers as their backdrop, they jumped into the wild blue yonder ensuring they would be together forever. As you gaze out at Lover’s Leap, you can still see the evidence of their love in the beautiful view and hear them whisper in the cool evening breezes.

We can not go to the Meadows of Dan without stopping at Nancy's Candy Company. They have the best homemade fudge!

Visiting Cana is like taking a step back in time. The roads are filled with one produce stand after another. Since I do not want to see another apple for quite a while, we are going to get some pumpkins today.

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