Saturday, November 1, 2008

Football Friday Night

What can be more frugal than to spend a Friday night going to a high school football game?

The town I grew up in is all about football. If you saw the movie Friday Night Lights, you can get the idea. You can never fully understand until you experience it though.

We have two rival high schools and during the week of "the game" the town pretty much splits right down the center. Everyone (businesses included) gets involved with week long pep rallies leading up to what is going to be the best game of the season. One of the two schools is going to the state championship, then to the national championship (every year), along with year long bragging rights so, there is a lot of pride riding on this one game.

My daddy graduated from one school, while my mother helped write the alma mata for the other. My siblings and I graduated from my mothers old alma mata as did my two oldest girls. Needless to say, my daddy doesn't stand a chance.

My 2 daughters, son-in-law (did not attend either of the schools but was hooked the first time he went to a game), and granddaughter went to the game last night and all I can say is...Sorry daddy but, it sure is great to be a Northside Eagle after that game. Final score NHS:14 WRHS:0
Well, when the game is being played over 300 miles away, maybe not so frugal.

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