Monday, November 10, 2008

Medical Trials

I have decided to be a part of a medical trial study. The product is in its final stages of trials before it gets OK'd for use by the FDA.

I fit all of their criteria and will be starting the program on Thursday.

I have mixed emotions about doing this. I have read all their studies up to this point and feel like it is safe at this point and something that I would fit well in. I think I am more excited than anything. I can't wait for it to work! **crossing finger** Please work!

They will be covering all my test, Dr visits, medicine, and pay me for my time.
Let's just hope it don't turn out like this:

My daughter did a trial study for birth control pills and loved them and the fact that she got a $50 check everytime she went to the Dr.

If anybody has any experience with drug trials...I am all ears!

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