Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Best Jean for your Butt?

Between work and this kitchen project I jumped into head first, I have no time for anything else. I started off by just putting tin on my kitchen ceiling. One thing led to another and I have now painted, refinished the cabinets, got new hardware for the cabinets, am in the process of retiling, and in the next couple of weeks will be getting a new countertop.
My husband will probably reconsider his next fishing trip because that is when I get all my great ideas that end up costing him.

Redbook has a good article to read if you have ever wondered what type of jean is the best for your butt. The prices in each catagory range from $20 to over $200 so, there is something for everybody.

For anybody that shops at Food Lion, Post cereal is on sale Buy 1, Get 1. There was a coupon a couple of weeks ago for $1off/2. I got 8 boxes for $7.42 (including tax). If you have kids like mine, you can never have too much cereal.

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