Saturday, February 16, 2008

Budget Remodeling

I am addicted to HGTV!!!

When we moved to a new state our biggest concern was selling our house and buying a new one.

Our house sold within a couple of weeks. We were on our way but, had not found a new house suitable to our needs. We ended up having all of our belongings shipped to a storage facility, rented an apartment, and started work.

I started with all of that so you would understand how we became to live in the house we now live in. After 2 months in an apartment I was going crazy! We had just left our 5 bedroom home on 34 acres for a 2 bedroom apartment with what I am sure was a basketball team living upstairs from us.

We looked, and looked, and looked...and looked some more, at houses. When we found the house that suited our needs as far as size (It had to be at least 4 bedrooms/3 baths), and lot size (It had to be large enough accomodate 2 boats, a motorhome, an enclosed trailer, 2 motorcycles, and 5 cars...out of sight) we bought it. There was AWFUL wallpaper, the kitchen was out dated, and the bathrooms needed remodeling. I had a vision!
I watch HGTV to get ideas then go to DIY Network to learn how to do it. Next step, the Remodeling budget estimator.

I found the perfect place to get everything I need for remodeling at 1/2 the price. Instead of going to major building supply places, look at locally owned buisnesses first. They are generally your best bet for saving money.
With all the money I save with DIY home projects, I go to Drexel Heritage's twice a year factory sale to furnish my entire home. If you are within a days drive from Drexel, NC it is well worth the drive. Just remember to bring a trailer with you because you have to buy it, and take it with you.

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