Sunday, February 24, 2008

My plan for this week

Organix Shampoo and Conditioner is on sale buy1/get 1 50% off this week at CVS. Each bottle on the shelf at CVS has a rebate form on it for Free after Rebate.

This week I plan on not spending anything. I mean absolutely nothing. My pantry is stocked, frig. full, freezer overflowing. I do not need anything. I have enough shampoo, soap, toilet tissue to last ohhhhh, about 6 months. The car got filled up with gas Saturday and will last me all week.
On Thursday I will be getting an unexpected bonus at work. We have known what our bonus amount would be for a couple of months and are not due to get it until the middle of March. Our employer decided Friday, due to extenuating circumstances, that we deserved more. Ok, truth be told, they are trying to buy us off. IT"S NOT GOING TO WORK but, I will gladly take more money if it makes them feel better for past wrongs they have done.

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