Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bah Humbug!!...and it's Targets fault

I finished all my Christmas shopping weeks ago because I refuse to go shopping the week of Christmas. Yesterday we got a present out to get it set up and ready only to find that it had been previously purchased and returned to Target before I bought it. It was password protected. Arggggg! Off to Target I go, along with 1,953,105 other people.

I returned the product to customer service with no problems at all and go to electronics to get a new one. After waiting about 40 minutes for my turn to be waited on (there were 3 people ahead of me) I tell the clerk what I need and he says "we are out of them". Did he look? No! That would have required looking somewhere else since the sign said "see sales associate for this product". I explained that I bought this 3 months ago for this very reason. I didn't care where he had to find one from but, I wanted a new working one. Amazingly, all of a sudden, they had 1 left just for me.

I asked could he please plug it in to make sure it worked before I left. I thought this was a reasonable request being that I spent over $500 on it and had a problem with the origional one. Mike B. did not agree with me. "That is not my job", "I don't have time", "I have other people to wait on"....Oh no you don't! I waited my turn, now they can wait theirs.

I learned that Mike B. is sick of retail and through with it. (I hope to make his wish come true) I asked him since he was waiting on me at the moment, to please plug it in and see if it worked. He raised his voice and said, "did you not hear what I said?!" Well, Mike B. I sure did and now so has the front end manager (who found an outlet in another part of the store for me to plug the item in), the store manager, the district supervisor, and the 1-800 Target operator.


Anonymous said...

I completely sympathize with you and your experience. I however don't think that it is "Target's" fault. This is happenening EVERYWHERE. . . grocery stores, fast food, department stores, auto dealerships. The world is just not as friendly as it used to be. Service industries don't train employees to satisfy the customers anymore. I don't think it matters to buisness anymore.

MyShelly said...

I agree it is happening EVERYWHERE but, my experience is "Target's" fault. Or should I say, due to a Target employee that represents Target?
I must add that I have received wonderful service from many places and I am sure to let Employer's know when they have an exceptional employee.
A JCPenney sales associate thanked me on a return visit because she was recognized in an employee meeting for my comment to her supervisor. She got an extra break and a candy bar.
At a very busy fast food establishment..."I" messed up my order and the girl was so nice about fixing it I called their 1-800 number to tell them what an asset she is to them. (I got a free coupon) She got employee of the month.