Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh, Christmas Tree

Free Flomax water bottle

Free TiVo logo cookie cutter

Oh, Christmas Tree
I look forward all year long to putting up my Christmas Tree and Decorating for Christmas. I decided last year to throw out all of my lights and get Eco friendly with LED lights. LED lights are more durable, energy efficient, and Mercury free.

I got everything on my tree and HATED it. I don't have small children anymore so I can finally have a "pretty" tree. When I look at my tree I want a candle lit look. What I got with LED lights is a car headlights look. Have I mentioned that I HATED it?!

I went this morning and bought more lights, took everything off my tree and started over. I LOVE it! So much for being Eco friendly but, I do have ambiance.

One great thing I bought was this Light Tacker ($9.99 @ Target) It would normally take me forever to get the outside lights up. With the Light time at all.

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