Monday, December 1, 2008

My Great Deal

I was buying my parents a GPS for Christmas and since they both are 'electronic illiterate' I thought the GPS for Dummies from CVS might be a good one for them.

I bought the GPS for Dummies from CVS using ECB's and my $25 gift card from transfering a prescription. I ended up paying .92 OOP and received $10 ECB.

After trying it out, it stunk! I guess I was probably comparing it to my Garmin that I love. I decided to return it and get another Garmin. When I returned it, I got back $94.00 and got to keep my $10 ECB's. I went to Staples and got the Garmin GPS on sale for $149.00 and paid the difference ($55.00) with my $100 Staples gift card from Mypoints. If my math is right, that makes it come out to $45.92 after adding in my ECB's and only .92 OOP.

Hopefully, my daddy will put it to good use and come visit lots!

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