Monday, February 16, 2009


If you are like me, and many other people, you stay so busy that it is hard to remember everything.

It is 9:00am and I have already been to work, had a meeting for work at a different location, got the kids to school, had a call from my daughters teacher to set up a meeting, had a reminder about a doctors appointment tomorrow, and have to remember to make reservations today for a trip we are going on.

There is no way I could keep up with everything without the help of Cozi.

Cozi is a FREE web service that helps you manage your family calendar, track your shopping and to do lists, organize your chores, and stay in touch with your family. Access Cozi from anywhere—home, work, or on the go—with any computer or mobile phone.All you need to get started is a Cozi account—it's quick and easy, with no downloads required!

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