Friday, February 13, 2009


It is Friday and I should be in a good mood since my work week is over. Oh no! Instead, I decide to do our taxes today.

Why exactly are some people able to get a Child Tax Credit but, NOT ME?! Is it really fair to base it on income? I think not. A child is a child, give the credit to all, or give it to none.

Why can we not have a flat tax rate? Is it fair for somebody to work hard, and make more money just to have to pay higher taxes than somebody who makes less? Wouldn't paying an equal portion of our income for taxes be fairer?!

My list goes on and on ....


M. said...

I totally agree!! My parents paid in taxes double what I made for the entire YEAR (I work full time and go to college) it's ridiculous. But joe biden thinks they are doing their patriotic duty. ha. They clip coupons and watch their money, when's the last time you saw a person on food stamps clipping coupons?! and I can't get any financial aid even though I live on my own because my parents make too much...I loved the obama sticker saying Jesus is my savior sorry Obama is yours! lol. I am going to school to be a policy analyst or lobbyist so I'll change the system! haha. ok rant's over. I could go on and on and on too!


M. said...

oh and i think people need to pee in cups before they can get welfare, food stamps, ANYTHING. the people who are paying for those programs (aka people with JOBS) are subjected to drug tests so shouldn't they!? it'd surely clear out a lot of dead weight... lol

MyShelly said...

I also have a 21yr old daughter (my oldest) that lives on her own, has a full time job, and goes to school full time. She gets NO financial aid because I make to much. Crazy!! If she had been irresponsible and had a baby, she would get financial aid. Seems to me if you do the right thing you get punished.
Good luck to you in school. Am looking forward to you making changes!!

mom_of2boys said...

I completely agree! I worked full time and had two kids. I didn't qualify for anything. I was hoping for at least one year of earned income credit or something. I couldn't even get financial aid to help pay for school but I was living paycheck to paycheck.