Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My favorite cashiers

I have my 2 favorite cashiers in the world!

Anybody who uses coupons knows exactly what I mean. These two know how to scan coupons, know how to price adjust coupons, never roll thier eyes when you hand them 100 coupons, and are just as excited as I am at how much I saved at the end of the transaction.

All tht said, I understand one of my favorite cashiers (you now know who he is) sent some people to visit my blog. If that is you, I will do the best I can to match up the sales with coupons from his store for you this week.


Mrs. J said...

I have yet to meet a cashier who doesn't look at me with hostility lol. Lucky you!

MyShelly said...

Oh, I love shopping when either of them are at work. (they work at different stores) One always speaks when I come in and says...'Come through my line so I can see how good you do today'.