Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Great Crayon Caper

Do you have broken crayons that eventually end up in the trash? Why not join The Great Crayon Caper.

In an effort to put a crayon in every kid's hand and not the landfills, we are embarking on the Great Crayon Caper. Our mission is simple… take old unwanted broken crayons and bits of crayon and restore them to brand new and place them in the hands of every little budding Picasso. There are currently 4.7 million children in the US alone with learning disabilities (Source: CDC).

Here's how you can help…

During the month of September, sign up to be a part of our Crayon Caper Crew and we will reward you with our signature color crayons {pink & brown} and fun activity coloring book.

Collecting crayons is a family affair; a great way for kids to be introduced to the concept of recycling. So sign up here and we will send you a postcard explaining how and where to send your crayons. Once your shipment is received, we will mail your free crayons & activity book. We will have your crayons melted down and transformed into shiny new chunky crayons that are the perfect size for little hands. These crayons will be donated to schools, hospitals and care centers.

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