Saturday, September 6, 2008

Reusing Shopping bags

As much as I try to reuse my plastic grocery bags they have begun to overtake me. I think I saw this in a magazine a while back so, I decided to make my own reusable bag. ( is my first one)

I sorted the bags by store.

Cut the handles off and placed several bags to make it thick and durable between Parchment paper. Then applied heat to bond them together.

I kept adding bags until I had used about 10. I made 2 of these so I would have one for each side.

I cut around the edges and applied matching duck tape. For a handle I just stuck 2 pieces of the tape together. Now I have a durable reusable shopping bag.

The only thing I would do different for my next one is make it a little bigger.


Lisa said...

Cute idea! You can do anything with duct tape!!

Cents To Save

Jamie said...

I've been wondering what in the world I could with these plastic bags! I try to use my reuable bags, but sometimes I forget :(

This is such cute idea!! Thanks for sharing.

MyShelly said...

I made another using Target bags and they work so much better!

Anissa said...

Oh I think a Target bag would be SOOOO cute with all its little bullseyes haha. You should make more and host a give-a-way or contest of some sort. Heck, you could probably sell them! Great job!