Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I have a HUGE, HUGE unexpected project to tackle today. A Retirement Party feeding about 50 people!! I know, I know, a retirement is not unexpected however, I work with all men! I have been off work and assumed somebody else planned something. That has never happened before but, I was sure hoping it would happen this time.

I have several factors working against me.

1) Lack of time to plan (today only)

2) I can't depend on people to bring something ("I forgot to tell my wife" they do anything for themselves?!)

3) My daughter has 2 Dr appointments today to prepare for her surgery (how many hours are in a day?)

What did I decide to do? Well, my time is more important than money today. Did I just say that?! I went straight to a restaurant and paid a rediculous price but, it will all be ready and waiting for me when I go to work. I got table clothes and the works.

Nobody should work somewhere for 30yrs and not have an all out celebration when they finally get to retire!!

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Chellie said...

Hopefully, you are going to make all 50 men chip it for the cost!

I like your posts.