Friday, January 30, 2009

Keeping Myself Accountable

It is almost the end of January and I have diligently kept up with every penny I have spent. This is definitely a first for me! It has been eye opening, to say the least. It looks really bad at first but, there have been several unique situations that added a lot to it. I am not making excuses for the spending but, I know the likelihood of them reoccurring are slim.

My daughter had 5 doctor visits, with 2 of them being to specialist at a higher co-pay, and surgery that included an overnight stay in the hospital. We went out of town (state) for 3 days to take care of some immediate family business. Last, January is the month our vehicle inspections are due. whewww!

That being said, not including our monthly bills that are due every month, I spent (so far) $1097.76. My savings with coupons, register rewards, and ECB's was $536.00.

Other than uncontrollable things, our biggest downfall has been eating out. For the month of January I spent $159.64 eating out.

Here is to a better February!!

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Amiyrah said...

those are great savings!

You're going to be surpised at how much more you start saving, now that you are keeping track. It's the best "game" that I play now and it's fun to really stretch a buck lol!