Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Baby Steps

The best way for me to approach saving money this year is by taking baby steps and keeping up with everything I spend money on. The easiest thing to look at is how much I spend every day at work on drinks and food. Needless to say, wasted money because I could have easily brought something from home instead of going to the cafateria which is overpriced to begin with. That alone is at least $20 a week just for lunch. I also get 2 breaks at work which I spend $1 for a bottled soda at each. Yikes! Do I really drink that much soft drinks?! (Ok, this will help with the diet too) We get free bottled water and coffee... I think I can live with that.
That is my first baby step and I can actually live with it!

If anybody is lucky enough to have a Sara Lee outlet nearby, they have the best Strawberry, Pecan, and Chocolate pies on sale right now for $2.99. (The reason they are in the outlet is because of packaging misprints)

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