Saturday, January 26, 2008

More Samples and Coupons for Saturday

When my daughter and I went shopping Friday she filled up a couple (more like 3 or 4) grocery bags to take home with her (from my pantry). Lo and behold, she comes back to visit with a grocery bag in her hand wanting to know if I, by chance, offer cash refunds. If not, she would be ok with just swapping it out with something else. (She is a hoot!)

What was it she was wanting to get rid of? Quaker Oatmeal (Weight Control). Blah! Maybe you just have to have a taste for it but, nobody in my house will eat it either. Maybe if I mix it with Regular Quaker Oatmeal, that they love, it will get ate but, I would hate to end up having to throw out the regular kind if it makes it taste bad.

$1 coupon Senseo Barista Coffee

Save $1.00 on SofTouch™ personal lubricant

Free Sample of Airborne-on-the-go

Advil Free Sample and $2 coupon

Get a Free Metamucil Berry Burst! Sample

Aquafresh Sample and Coupons

Astroglide personal lubricant sample

ID Personal Lubricant Sample

For some reason there is a lot of Personal Lubricant in this post and I am not quite sure how to make the transition to pet food ... feed the dog first? :)

Get a FREE 4-oz. sample of BLUE Spa Select DOG Food plus $2 off a purchase

Get a FREE 4-oz. sample of BLUE Spa Select CAT Food plus $2 off a purchase

Tylenol $1coupon

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