Saturday, January 19, 2008

Welcome to Fun Being Frugal

I decided to start the new year off right and keep track of all my spending for the entire year. This actually scares me to no end because I enjoy spending money. The good thing is... I like saving money on the 'everyday' things me and my family use and need so I will have more to spend on the fun things.

We are lucky on one aspect. Retirement is right around the corner (6yrs for my husband and 8yrs for me) and I would like to think we are prepared for it. We will both be 50 when we retire from our current jobs and my youngest daughter will be 20 at that time.

The only major purchase I forsee this year is possibly a new automobile. I would like to see the one I have last another year since I do not have a car payment but, I don't think that will happen.
My goal is to get all of my debt paid off this year. (not including my house)

I invite you to join me through this journey.

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