Friday, January 25, 2008

Shopping Trip

I made a trip to Walgreens today with my daughter. We got...

1 Puffs tissue
2 Jane powders
4 Jane liquid make up
4 (4pack +2) Bic Soleil razors
2 (4 pack) Bic Comfort 3 razors
7 Nutrigrain Snacks

= $19.32

Our next stop was Harris Teeter. I rarely shop there because they are overpriced on just about everything but, this week they are having a pretty good B1G1 sale. I only purchased what was on sale AND I had a coupon for. We looked like we were supplying a homeless shelter when we got finished.

I had $83.56 in VIC savings and $115.66 in coupons tendered.

My total spent was $121.86

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