Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A cashiers point of view

I thought this was really funny. It was a post I read ... from a cashier.

I wrote this so all yall would know what we are thinking....

This is too all the people who are thinking about, are already, or will one day become CUSTOMERS

Don't throw you money at the cashier- if their hand is out, kindly place in the palm of the hand

It's really hard to pick change up off a conveyer belt

Press "English"- I know this is America- but you got to do, what ya got to do

Take the crap out of the basket- its hard to ring up and take your crap out of the basket and keep effeciency high- Do we have to come around and empty your cart for you??

I am very skilled at scanning the MVP card. Please allow me.

Get Your Kids- If they put a candy bar on the register- I am gonna scan it

If you only have 30 dollars - don't fill up your cart where it is about to spill over and hope someone around you is gona loan you $71.84 to cover you.

Don't stand by the register after we are finished ringing you up and stare at your receit - walk away

Look for your keys by your car or by the door- there are other people who want to be rang up

I know it sucks when there is a limit put upon things- not our fault

I'm sorry that we are out of stock on something... not my department

It's a shame you don't have .02... and now you have to break a whole dollar- If we gave everyone that extra penny, think how broke we'd be

When the total is 7.09 and you only have 6.00, don't look at me and say "oh, all I have is 6.00..."... I don't care- that's when you start putting something back

If the light is OFF and we are wiping down the register- NO, we are NOT open just because we are standing there

If the light is ON and we are not standing there- someone will be right over- chances are they were doing something productive for someone else

Don't hit your kids in front of us- thats wierd.

It's really akward if we say "have a nice day" and you don't walk away- then we feel the need to walk away.

If we have no name tag, are drinking a soda, talkin on the phone, and walkin down the aisle- No, we cannot assist you in anything

Don't say "fine" before I say "how are you"

Tell us before we start ringing stuff up that its WIC- are we just suppose to guess??

Anyone can get your cigarettes for you

Stop letting your kids press the ATM buttons. geez.

The register will NOT let us ring of alcohol before 12p.m.- even if it is only 3 minutes till

I like my name too.

Don't re- bag your groceries we just got done bagging. If you don't like the way we are doing it - suggestions are always welcome

If the register says "too many coupons" accept it and move on- it was only .15 cent off your 24 rolls of toilet paper

and as always - we REALLY DO appreciate your business- it gives us our hours

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Anonymous said...

omg that is fantastic!!!! As a former cashier, and wife of a grocery store manager, i cant tell you how much i appreciated that...i emailed it to him at work lol!!! love your website.