Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Paper or Plastic?

Whole Foods announced last week that it will be phasing out plastic grocery bags by April 22, 2008 (Earth Day).

What type of bags do you use when you shop? Plastic? Paper? or Reusable?

I confess, I am a baggers worst nightmare, and seemingly the earth's too. Familiar baggers that know me duck and hide or suddenly have to go to the restroom as soon as I approach the check out.
I want all of my refrigerated/frozen items in plastic bags, 'dry' items (cans, boxes) in paper bags. Sound a little picky? I do have good reasons (good in my head, anyway) for requesting them bagged this way.
When I get home I can pull in the drive, beep my horn, and two very eager to please children (eager because it is the weekend and what 12 and 14 year old isn't going to ask to do something or go somewhere) come out and one gets plastic which goes to the frig, one gets paper and immediately knows they got the better end of the deal. Straight to the pantry they go, teasing the other because the plastic person always ends up having to clean the frig.

As if this alone isn't reason enough to harass grocery baggers, paper bags sit up nicely and keeps my cans from rolling out under the seats, only to be found the next time the car is cleaned.
I resolve to be more earth friendly. I will be getting a reusable grocery bag (or 20). Now if I can just remember to take them to the store with me. Let's see how quick the baggers scurry away when they see me coming after the first couple of times they ask, 'paper or plastic?' and I reply 'neither' and hand over 20 reusable grocery bags.

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Kim said...

Our grocer is offering the reusable bags for $1 each, I am going to pick up one a week until I have what I need. I feel like I am drowning in plastic.