Friday, March 28, 2008

Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal is doing a casting call here tomorrow to get contestants for upcoming shows. There was a line at 8am today and it does not even start until 10am tomorrow. It is crazy!! I think most people missed the part where they long as you are in line by 1pm, you will get seen. How long can it take when each person only gets 20 seconds?! **I may have to go at 12:45**


Anonymous said...

That is so crazy. They will only see you for 20 seconds!?
But there was a LONG line already forming earlier today.

MyShelly said...

Did you see it?! I think I need to go take pictures.
We did that once on Thanksgiving night at Best Buy. People must have thought they were going to be on the news because they were all waving. I mean, they had tents set up and everything!
Ohhhh, the free entertainment we get around here! LOL