Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday 8 March 2008


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Everything else:
Earlier this week me and my daughter went to our local Walgreens to stock up on their great soap offers. I ended up getting $40 in RR to use on my next purchase.
While out yesterday me and my son stopped by Walgreens to pick up a few things and use my RR. I had all my coupons ready to make this as easy and quick as possible. I was the only person in the store so, how complicated could this be? Obiviously,harder than I expected.
My total came to 68.xx, after scanning my coupons my total was 28.xx, I then handed her 28.00 worth of RR (in $4 incriments). She stopped scanning them after the third one and asked me how I got that many. I honestly thought she was joking so I replied, by shopping. She was serious and had some very rude comments insinuating they were stolen or something. Thirty minutes later, after talking to the manager about how I was treated, when my transaction was complete 6 new RR printed out. I'm pretty sure you could classify my look to her as a glare at that point when I said, THAT'S HOW!

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